Interface volume 6 issue 2. Movement internationalism(s)


Volume 6 issue 2, single file
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ISSN 2009-2431


Movement internationalism/s.
Peter Waterman and Laurence Cox
(pp. 1 – 12)

Call for papers volume 7 issue 2

Movements in post/socialisms (pp. 13 – 15)

Movement internationalism(s)

International solidarity in social movements (keynote)
Cristina Flesher Fominaya
(pp. 16 – 25)

Exploring the problems of solidarity (conference report)
David Landy, Hilary Darcy, José Gutiérrez
(pp. 26 – 34)

The international labour movement in, against and beyond, the globalized and informatized cage of capitalism and bureaucracy (interview)
Peter Waterman (pp. 35 – 58)

Alter-mondialisme, alter-syndicalisme? Revue et regard sur l’Australie (peer-reviewed article)
Stéphane Le Queux (pp. 59 – 75)

The dynamics of north-south relationships within transnational debt campaigning (peer-reviewed article)
Jean Somers (pp. 76 – 102)

Internationalising the campaign for justice in Bhopal: balancing the local, national and transnational (peer-reviewed article)
Tomás Mac Sheoin (pp. 103 – 129)

“We don’t get involved in the internal affairs of Palestinians”: Elisions and tensions in North-South solidarity practices (peer-reviewed article)
David Landy (pp. 130 – 142)

Conceptualizing solidarity and realizing struggle: testing against the Palestinian call for the boycott of Israel (peer-reviewed article)
Sriram Ananth (pp. 143 – 163)

International solidarity in the global justice movement: coping with national and sectoral affinities (peer-reviewed article)
Priska Daphi (pp. 164 – 179)

Migrant inclusion organization activity at the supranational level: examining two forms of domestic political opportunity structures (peer-reviewed article)
Melissa Schnyder (pp. 180 – 215)

Activist experiences of solidarity work (action note)
Mike Aiken, Gregorio Baremblitt, Nicola Bullard, Carine Clément, Ann Deslandes, Sara Koopman, Sander Van Lanen (pp. 216 – 223)

A Spinozist sort of solidarity: from homo-nationalism to queer-internationalism (action note)
Ben Trott (pp. 224 – 229)

General articles

Nonviolent struggle and its application in new social movements: an interview with Srdja Popović (activist interview)
Gloria Novović (pp. 230 – 243)

Planetary destruction, ecofeminists and transformative politics in the early 1980s (peer-reviewed article)
Benedikte Zitouni (pp. 244 – 270)

Anxiety, affective struggle and precarity consciousness-raising (peer-reviewed article)
Institute for Precarious Consciousness (pp. 271 – 300)

What do you see that I cannot? Peer facilitations of difference and conflict in the collective production of independent youth media (peer-reviewed article)
Rachel Kulick (pp. 301 – 327)

Cognitive dimension in cross-movement alliances: the case of squatting and tenants’ movements in Warsaw (peer-reviewed article)
Dominika V. Polanska (pp. 328 – 356)

Democratic uprisings and protest politics: a study of the Occupy San Diego social movement (event analysis)
Lindsey Lupo (pp. 357 – 370)


Single PDF (EN)  (pp. 371 – 403)

Cristina Flesher Fominaya, Social Movements and Globalization: How Protests and Occupations are Changing the World. Reviewed by Catherine Eschle.

Brian Doherty and Timothy Doyle, Environmentalism, Resistance and Solidarity: The Politics of Friends of the Earth International. Reviewed by Eurig Scandrett.

Francis Dupuis-Déri, Who’s Afraid of the Black Blocs? Anarchy in Action Around the World. Reviewed by Gary Roth.

Íde Corley, Helen Fallon, Laurence Cox, Silence would be Treason: Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa. Reviewed by Amanda Slevin.

B. Keniston, Choosing to be Free: The Life Story of Rick Turner. Reviewed by Richard Pithouse.

Dan Hancox, The Village against the World. Reviewed by Kenneth Good.

Manfred Steger, James Goodman and Erin Wilson, Justice Globalism: Ideology, Crises, Policy. Reviewed by Ariel Salleh.

Gwendolyn Hall, A black communist in the freedom struggle AND Joshua Bloom & Waldo Martin, Black against empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party. Reviewed by Mandisi Majavu

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This is a photo taken at the Lennon Wall of Hong Kong, during the 2014 protests for democracy. It is based in the occupied area and started with a few post-it notes encouraging the students and participants. It grew rapidly and attracted creative additions to the wall. This photo was taken by Bridget Clancey, a student in Hong Kong, who is also a supporter of the movement and for democratic development of Hong Kong.

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