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Interface doesn’t have a central office, email address or key editor! We’re a voluntary, decentralised effort, everyone doing what they can. To write for us (and anything else related to content) please contact the editors for the most suitable regional or language collective: details below.

Because we are a global journal, and movements (and their relationships to academia) are organised so differently in different parts of the world, the basic structure of the journal is as a network of regional or linguistically-defined groups, each of which organises its own editorial processes and tries to find an appropriate way of working with its own local realities.

We can accept material in Bengali, Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak and Spanish. Articles and queries should go to the contact person listed below for the relevant region:

Movements in Australia / Aotearoa New Zealand

Please submit papers in English or German to Michael Daubs (Michael.Daubs AT

Movements in Central and South America and the Caribbean

Please submit papers in Spanish or English to Heike Schaumberg (heikes1 AT, in Spanish, English or Dutch to Elisabet Rasch (elisabet.rasch AT or in English to Levi Gahman (Levi.Gahman AT

Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa

Please submit papers in Farsi and English to Farhang Morady ( and Dounya Salehi (

Movements in Southeast Asia

Please submit papers to Sarah Raymundo (sarahraymundo1976 AT

Movements in the USA and Canada

Please submit papers in English to Rose Brewer (brewe001 AT, Peter Funke (pnfunke AT, Genevieve Ritchie (genevieve.ritchie AT, Todd Wolfson (wolfsont AT and Lesley Wood (ljwood AT Submissions in German to Peter Funke (pnfunke AT

Movements in Western Europe

Please submit papers in English, Italian or Spanish to Asia della Rosa (asiadellarosa AT or English, French, Italian or German to Laurence Cox (laurence.cox AT

International / transnationally organised movements

Please submit papers in French, German, Italian, Norwegian or Danish to Laurence Cox (laurence.cox AT

Website issues

For queries etc. relating to the website please contact Laurence Cox (laurence.cox AT