Interface 2/1: Crises, social movements and revolutionary transformations

Volume 2 issue 1 (May 2010)

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Single-issue PDF

ISSN 2009 – 2431

Table of contents (i – iv) [PDF]


Alf Nilsen, Andrejs Berdnikovs, Liz Humphrys, Crises, social movements and revolutionary transformations (pp. 1 – 21) [PDF]

Activist interview

Ashanti Alston in interview with Hilary Darcy, Be careful of your man-tones! Gender politics in revolutionary struggle (pp. 22 – 35) [PDF]


Jeremy Brecher, Tim Costello: an appreciation (pp. 36 – 43) [PDF]


John Charlton, “Another world was possible”? Anti-capitalism in the year 2000 (pp. 44 – 78) [PDF]

Colin Barker, Crises and turning points in revolutionary development:
emotion, organization and strategy in Solidarnosc, 1980 – 81
(pp. 79 – 117) [PDF]

Kirk Helliker, The state of emancipation: with, within, without? (pp. 118 – 143) [PDF]

Samuel R Friedman, Sociopolitical and philosophical questions of organization in making a human society (pp. 144 – 153) [PDF]

Jean Bridgeman, A matter of trust: the politics of working-class self-education (pp. 154 – 167) [PDF]

Alfredo Duarte Corte, Pensar las luchas autónomas como potencia, pensar la autonomía como categoría abierta [ES + EN] (pp. 168 – 189) [PDF]

Peter Waterman, Labour at the 2009 Belém World Social Forum:
between an ambiguous past and an uncertain future
(pp. 190 – 213) [PDF]

Event analyses and action note

Maria Kyriakidou, “Another world is possible as long as it is feminist too”: dissenting acts  and discourses by Greek leftist feminists [event analysis] (pp. 214 – 220) [PDF]

Anne Elizabeth Moore, The outdoor games of the 2009 Winter Unlympiad at Washington Park [action note] (pp. 221 – 231) [PDF]

Beth Gonzalez and Walda Katz-Fishman, New openings for movement and consciousness in the US [event analysis] (pp. 232 – 242) [PDF]

Debating David Harvey

David Harvey, Organizing for the anti-capitalist transition (pp 243 – 261) [PDF]


Willie Baptist, A new and unsettling force: the strategic relevance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign (pp. 262 – 270) [PDF]

AK Thompson, “Daily life” not a “moment” like the rest: notes on Harvey’s “Organizing for the anti-capitalist transition” (pp. 271 – 286) [PDF]

Benjamin Shepard, Responding to Harvey: it’s all about organizing (pp. 287 – 297) [PDF]

Laurence Cox, “The interests of the movement as a whole”: response to David Harvey (pp. 298 – 308) [PDF]

Anna Selmeczi, Educating resistance (pp. 309 – 314) [PDF]

Marcelo Lopes de Souza, Which right to which city? In defence of political-strategic clarity (pp. 315 – 333) [PDF]

Key documents

Producción colectiva, En boca de todos: apuntes para divulgar historia (pp. 334 – 380) [PDF]


[single PDF] (pp. 381 – 414)

Marianne Maeckelbergh, The will of the many: how the alterglobalisation movement is changing the face of democracy. Reviewed by Emma Dowling

Daryl Maeda, Chains of Babylon: the rise of Asian America. Reviewed by Adrienne Showalter Matlock

Rory McVeigh, Rise of the Ku Klux Klan: right-wing movements and national politics. Reviewed by Allison L Hurst

Mastaneh Shah-Shuja, Zones of proletarian development. Reviewed by Donagh Davis

Lucien van der Walt and Michael Schmidt, Black flame: the revolutionary class politics of anarchism and syndicalism. Reviewed by Deric Shannon

Lynne Woehrle, Patrick Coy and Gregory Maney, Contesting patriotism: culture, power and strategy in the peace movement. Reviewed by Janeske Botes

Jeff Juris, Networking futures: the movements against corporate globalization. Reviewed by Israel Rodríguez-Giralt [ES + EN]

General material

Call for papers (volume 3 issue 1):

Repression and social movements (pp. 415 – 416) [PDF]

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