Interface Volume 1 Issue 2 (November 2009): “Civil Society” vs Social Movements

ISSN 2009-2431

Table of contents

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Civil society versus social movements, Ana Margarida Esteves / Sara Motta / Laurence Cox HTML PDF

Activist interview

To resist all degradations and divisions: an interview with S’bu Zikode, Richard Pithouse HTML PDF


Who speaks for peasants? Civil society, social movements and the global governance of food and agriculture, Nora McKeon HTML PDF

Contested urban environments: perspectives on the place and meaning of community action in central Dublin, Ireland, Michael Punch HTML PDF

Lo sai che non si esce vivi dagli anni ottanta?” Esperienze attiviste tra movimento e associazionismo di base nell’Italia post-77 (“You do realise that nobody will get out of the eighties alive?” Activist experiences between social movement and grassroots voluntary work in Italy after 1977), Beppe de Sario HTML PDF

, A luta pela formalização e tradução da igualdade nas fronteiras indefinidas do estado contemporâneo: radicalização e / ou neutralização do conflito democrático? (The struggle to formalise and translate equality within the undefined boundaries of the contemporary state: radicalization or neutralization of democratic conflict?), Marco Prado / Federico Machado / Andrea Carmona HTML PDF

Civil and / or “uncivil” society? The development of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe in the context of political transformation during the post-socialist period, Grzegorz Piotrowski HTML PDF

Feminist media as alternative media: a literature review, Jenny Gunnarsson Payne HTML PDF

Wikipedia: community or social movement? Piotr Konieczny HTML PDF

Action / Teaching / Research Notes

Why have most Thai NGOs chosen to side with the conservative royalists, against democracy and against the poor? (action note), Giles Ji Ungpakorn HTML PDF

O engajamento da sociedade civil angolana na discussão da constituição (“The involvement of Angolan civil society in debating the new constitution”.) (action note), Carlos Figueiredo HTML PDF

AETA, 278a und Verschwörung zur… Organisationsparagraphen zur Zerschlagung tierbefreierischen Aktivismus PDF (GER) (“AETA, paragraph 278 and conspiracy to… Conspiracy laws and the repression of animal liberation activism”) (action note), Christof Mackinger HTML PDF (ENG)

“Coalitioning” for quality education in Brazil: diversity as virtue? (teaching note), Christof Mackinger HTML PDF

Key Documents

Needed: a global labour charter movement, Peter Waterman HTML PDF

Civil society, citizenship and the politics of the (im)possible: rethinking militancy in Africa today, Michael Neocosmos HTML PDF


Incite! Women of color against violence, The revolution will not be funded: beyond the nonprofit industrial complex (book review), Theresa O’Keefe HTML PDF

Organizing urban America: secular and faith-based progressive movements (book review), Maite Tapia HTML PDF

Demontage der Subversion: zur politischen Wirkung ästhetischer Techniken im 20. Jahrhundert. Rezension zu: Anna Schober, Ironie, Montage und Verfremdung. Ästhetischen Taktiken und die politische Gestalt der Demokratie
(“The deconstruction of subversion: the political effect of aesthetic techniques in the 20th century. Review of Anna Schober, Irony, montage and alienation: aesthetic tactics and the political shape of democracy.”), David Eugster HTML PDF

GL Francione, Animals as persons: essays on the abolition of animal exploitation (book review), Roger Yates HTML PDF

General material

Call for papers Volume 2 Issue 1 (May 2010): Crises, Social Movements and Revolutionary Transformations HTML PDF

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