Sharing stories of struggles:

Friday 24 April

We’re tired of hearing stories about the virus and the crisis that only feature governments and corporations, and where we only appear clapping or as corpses. So we’re asking activists around the world to share stories of what movements are doing where they are.

Movements have been: pushing states to take action, fighting for the needs of marginalised groups, developing mutual aid, organising strikes and rent strikes – and fighting for a better world afterwards. This stuff matters!

This includes our second batch of stories from around the planet – we’ve more in the pipeline and will add them as soon as we can! If you’d like to send us something, please email sutapajacob AT, laurence.cox AT and lesley.j.wood AT


Lynn Ng Yu Ling, What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for PinkDot Singapore? (21 April)

Sobhi Mohanty, From communal violence to lockdown hunger: emergency responses by civil society networks in Delhi, India (20 April)

Ashish Kothari, Corona can’t save the planet, but we can, if we learn from ordinary people (16 April)


Peterson Derolus, Coronavirus, mouvements sociaux populaires anti-exploitation minier en Haïti (18 avril)

Lesley Wood, We’re not all in this together

Jeremy Brecher: In coronavirus fight, workers are forging an emergency Green New Deal [Via Labor Network for Sustainability]

Jeremy Brecher, Strike for your life! [Via Labor Network for Sustainability]


Federico Venturini, Social movements’ powerlessness at the time of covid-19: a personal account (18 April)

Michael Zeller, Karlsruhe’s “giving fences”: mobilisation for the needy in times of COVID-19 (20 April)

Laurence Cox, Forms of social movements in the crisis: a view from Ireland (14 April)

Ben Duke, Gig economy workers’ movements (13 April)


Yariv Mohar, Human rights amid covid-19: from struggle to orchestration of trade-offs (19 April)

URGENCI, Community Supported Agriculture is a Safe and Resilient Alternative to Industrial Agriculture in the Time of Covid-19 (7 April)

More to come!