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ISSN 2009-2431

Open issue

Heike Schaumberg, Levi Gahman (pp. 1 – 6)

Call for papers
Call for papers volume 15 issue 1
Open issue (pp. 7 – 8)

General pieces

Jacob Stringer
Can we do more experimental work with/in social movements?
(research note, pp. 9 – 21)

Ellinor Isgren, Chad S. Boda, Angela Dziedzom Akorsu, Frederick Ato Armah,Adrine Atwiine, Ronald Bagaga, Samuel Bbosa, Walter Chambati, Willy Chowoo, Charles Tetteh Hombey, Anne Jerneck, Freedom Mazwi, Elizabeth Mpofu, Delmah Ndhlovu, Laury Ocen, David Oming, Patrick Omona Olal, David Calleb Otieno, and Arthur Owor
Rural social movements and sustainable agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa: towards a collaborative research agenda (research perspective, pp. 22 – 45)

Fernando Velásquez Villalba
Breaking history, building memory: the Peruvian bicentennial generation and the democratisation of democracy
(peer-reviewed article, pp. 46 – 80)

Masoud Movahed and Elizabeth Hirsh
The regional determinants of collective action in the era of American Resistance
(peer-reviewed article, pp. 81 – 100)

Louis Edgar Esparza
Occupy Los Angeles: democracy, space and loss at City Hall Park (peer-reviewed article, pp. 101 – 121)

Briana M. Bivens
The cruel urgencies of belonging: neoliberal individualism in progressive community organizing
(peer-reviewed article, pp. 122 – 146)

Jeff Victor
Organizing the anti-war movement in rural America: lessons learned, 50 years later
(personal account, pp. 147 – 159)

Benjamin Duke
UK squatters’ social movement’s crystal ball: the future of UK squatting during the post-UK Brexit and post-COVID 19 recovery period
(practice note, pp. 160 – 168)

Justus Wachs
“Hacking” climate education methods within narrow policy frames to ask systemic and emancipatory questions. Practice notes from Leith, Scotland
(practice note, pp. 169 – 178)

Hsiao-Chuan Hsia
Incubating grounded transnational advocacy networks: the making of transnational movements for marriage migrants (peer-reviewed article, pp. 179 – 208)

Matt York
The path is the goal: utopia as process (peer-reviewed article, pp. 209 – 229)

Reviews [single PDF] (pp. 230 – 250)

David Graeber and David Wengrow, 2021, The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity. Review Author: Daniel Fischer.

Darren Byler, 2021, Terror Capitalism: Uyghur Dispossession and Masculinity in a Chinese City. Review author: Isaac K. Oomen. 

Diego Castro and Huáscar Salazar, 2021, América Latina en tiempos revueltos. Claves y luchas renovadas frente al giro conservador. Review authors: Armando Bravo and Ricardo Miranda (ES)

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