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Open issue
Laurence Cox, Sutapa Chattopadhyay (pp. 1 – 6)

In Memoriam
Abdul Aziz Choudry (pp. 7 – 9)

Call for papers
Call for papers volume 14 issue 1
Open issue (pp. 10 – 11)

General pieces

Antje Daniel
Rhodes Must Fall: different layers of intersectionality in students’ protests in South Africa (peer-reviewed article, pp. 12 – 37)

Hosna J. Shewly and Eva Gerharz
Youth activism against rape and the culture of impunity in Bangladesh: street protests amid Covid-19 (stories of struggle, pp. 38 – 45)

Peter M Rosset and Lia Pinheiro Barbosa
Peasant autonomy: the necessary debate in Latin America
(peer-reviewed article, pp. 46 – 80)

Matías G. Durán Quintanar
The Platform for People Affected by Mortgages, a transformation of power relations (peer-reviewed article, pp. 81 – 103)

Dorothea Schoppek and Mathias Krams
Challenging change: understanding the role of strategic selectivities in transformative dynamics (peer-reviewed article, pp. 104 – 128)

Liane Munro
United we stand: fostering cohesion in activist groups (peer-reviewed article, pp. 129 – 156)

Huw Morgan
Extinction Rebellion in Aoteoroa: the possibilities and pitfalls of importing a social movement organisation (peer-reviewed article, pp. 157 – 173)

Pinar Temocin
From protest to politics: the effectiveness of civil society in shaping the nuclear-free policy in Aoteoroa New Zealand (peer-reviewed article, pp. 174 – 192)

Elaine McKimmons and Louise Caffrey
Discourse and power in Ireland’s Repeal the 8th movement (peer-reviewed article, pp. 193 – 224)

Dalilah Shemia-Goeke
Resistance to economic reforms in Greece (peer-reviewed article, pp. 225 – 253)

Marios Panierakis
In, against and beyond the demand: demand and identity as breakwaters of the content of collective action (peer-reviewed article, pp. 254 – 271)

Thomas Cury
The aesthetics of protest in the UCL Justice for Workers campaign (peer-reviewed article, pp. 272 – 299)

Antônio Augusto Braighi and Marco Túlio Câmara
What is mediactivism? (peer-reviewed article, pp. 300 – 316)

Christopher Robé
Mosireen, the Egyptian revolution, and global digital media activism (peer-reviewed article, pp. 317 – 348)

James Ellison and Travis van Isacker
Visual methods for militant research: counter-evidencing and counter-mapping in anti-border movements (peer-reviewed article, pp. 349 – 374)

Giorgos Charalambous
Interview with the Cyprus Movements Archive (interview, pp. 375 – 387)

Reviews [single PDF] (pp. 388 – 410)

Takashi Horie, Hikaru Tanaka and Kiyoto Tanno (eds), 2020, Amorphous Dissent: Post-Fukushima Social Movements in Japan. Review author: Kei Takata

Nandita Sharma, 2020, Home Rule: National Sovereignty and the Separation of Natives and Migrants. Review author: Elise Hjalmarson

Rebecca Rose, 2019, Before the Parade: A History of Halifax’s Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Communities. Review Author: Lorax B. Horne

Giorgos Kallis, Susan Paulson, Giacomo D’Alisa and Federico Demaria, 2020, The Case for Degrowth. Review author: Alexander Dunlap

Andreas Malm, 2021, How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire. Review Author: Sakshi

William I. Robinson, 2020, The Global Police State. Review Author: Dawn Marie Paley

Cover art 

Photo by Gaia Marturano

Traveling through Cuba in 2016 and 2018 Gaia Marturano tries to capture the spirit of the island and its people at a time when the country is facing an uncertain future due to the beginning of its leadership transition. In April 2021, Raul Castro stepped down as the leader of the Cuban Communist Party and left the leadership to a generation born after 1959’s revolution.

The photo “Playing with the waves” was taken in Baracoa in January 2018.

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