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Volume 11 issue 2, single file

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ISSN 2009-2431

Open issue
Laurence Cox (pp. 1 – 3)

Call for papers
Call for papers volume 12 issue 2
Open issue (p. 4)

General pieces

Brian Domi,
Chile despertó: momentary impressions from the revolt (action note, pp. 5 – 10)

Kathleen Rodgers and Darcy Ingram,
Decolonizing environmentalism in the Arctic? Greenpeace, complicity and negotiating the contradictions of solidarity in the Inuit Nunangat (peer-reviewed article, pp. 11 – 34)

Hesham Shafick,
Acts of ignorance: how could Egypt’s revolutionaries overlook a state massacre of 1000+ protestors? (peer-reviewed article, pp. 35 – 62)

Hector Rios-Jara,
Cooperation and competition in the wave of British student protests 2009-2011 (peer-reviewed article, pp. 63 – 90)

Laurence Cox,
Learning in movements: how do we think about what we are doing? (practice note, pp. 91 – 105)

Reviews [single PDF] (pp. 106 – 124)

adrienne maree brown. 2019. Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good. Review author: Lorax B. Horne.

Azumi Tamura. 2018. Post-Fukushima Activism: Politics and Knowledge in the Age of Precarity. Review author: Alexander James Brown.

Olga Baysha. 2018. Miscommunicating Social Change: Lessons from Russia and Ukraine. Review authors: Patrick Sawyer and Alexander Finiarel.

Salar Mohandesi, Bjarke Skærlund Risager and Laurence Cox. 2018. Voices of 1968: Documents from the Global North. Review author: Louise Knops.

Cover art 

Protest against “public bailiffs” during their annual assembly in Belgrade in 2018.  The major crackdown on housing rights in Serbia started with the introduction of a new debt enforcement system that has provided banks, loan sharks, utility companies, corporations and wealth tycoons with an additional tool for the disposition of poor and indebted members of the society. Individual acts of resistance led to a formation of a nationwide movement and an organization that stands at the forefront of the struggle for housing justice — the Roof.

Photo by Ana Toader, cover by Ana Vilenica.

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