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Volume 11 issue 1, single file

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ISSN 2009-2431

Open issue
Laurence Cox (pp. 1 – 2)

Call for papers
Call for papers volume 12 issue 1
Open issue (p. 3)

General pieces

Laurence Cox,
Remembering Colin Barker
(personal note, pp. 4 – 13)

Majken Jul Sørensen,
Dynamics of interaction: how Israeli authorities succeeded in disrupting and containing the 2011 Freedom Flotilla to Gaza (peer-reviewed article, pp. 14 – 36)

Ricardo Kaufer,
Transnational solidarity: the Kurdish movement and German radical leftists and anarchists (peer-reviewed article, pp. 37 – 61)

Emma Craddock,
What is the point of anti-austerity activism? Exploring the motivating and sustaining emotional forces of political participation (peer-reviewed article, pp. 62 – 88)

Luis Rubén Díaz Cepeda and Ernesto Castañeda,
Activists’ motivations and typologies: core activists in Ciudad Juárez (peer-reviewed article, pp. 89 – 122)

Martin Pötz,
Utopian imagination in activism: making the case for social dreaming in change from the grassroots (article, pp. 123 – 146)

Jared Sacks,
Rethinking surplus-value: recentring struggle at the sphere of reproduction
(peer-reviewed article, pp. 147 – 177)
Traduction FR parue en Ouvrage: Repenser la plus-value, recentrer les luttes au sein de la sphère de la reproduction

Miguel A. Martínez,
The autonomy of struggles and the self-management of squats: legacies of intertwined movements (peer-reviewed article, pp. 178 – 199)

Chris Hardnack,
Gramsci and Goffman, together at last: towards a counter-hegemonic framing approach to movement research (peer-reviewed article, pp. 200 – 215)

Reviews [single PDF] (pp. 216 – 255)

Todd Miller, 2017, Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security. Review author: Beth Geglia.

Review essay: Posthumanities, Environmental Activism, and Anthropocentric Terminology
Nicole Seymour. 2018. Bad Environmentalism: Irony and Irreverence in the Ecological Age;
David Farrier. 2019. Anthropocene Poetics: Deep Time, Sacrifice Zones, and Extinction.
Review essay author: Andrew Kettler.

Jaume Franquesa. 2018. Power Struggles: Dignity, Value, and The Renewable Energy Frontier in Spain. Review author: Alexander Dunlap.

John Agbonifo, 2019, Environment and Conflict: The Place and Logic of Collective Action in the Niger Delta. Review author: Samuel Udogbo.

Review Essay: Neoliberalism, Labour governments, and working-class  power-resources: a tale of the tape
Jason Schulman. 2015. Neoliberal Labour Governments and the Union Response: The Politics of the End of Labourism. Review essay author: Brett Heino.

Cover art 

Clashes between police and community protestors during the historic Civic Strike to Live with Dignity in Buenaventura, Colombia during May 2017. The strike lasted for 22 days, paralysing the city and with it the country’s most important port. The strike’s demands centred around improving living conditions in the city through basic public services and infrastructure, and increasing popular participation in decisions over the city’s territory and environment.

Photo by Patrick Kane, cover by Sutapa Chattopadhyay.

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