Interface Volume 2 Issue 2: voices of dissent


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ISSN 2009-2431


Voices of dissent: activists’ engagements in the creation of alternative, autonomous, radical and independent media. Alice Mattoni, Andrejs Berdnikovs, Michela Ardizzoni and Laurence Cox (pp. 1-22)

Articles: voices of dissent

Mainstreaming the alternative: the changing media practices of protest movements. (P) Tina Askanius and Nils Gustafsson (pp. 23-41)

Breaking the spiral of silence: unpacking the “media debate” within global justice movements. A case study of Dissent! and the 2005 Gleneagles G8 summit. (P) Patrick McCurdy (pp. 42-67)

Towards a critique of social networking: practices of networking in grassroots communities from mail art to the case of Anna Adamolo. (P) Tatiana Bazzichelli (pp. 68-78)

Upload dissident culture: Public Netbase’s intervention into digital and urban space. (P) Clemens Apprich (pp. 79-91)

Real-time networked media activism in the 2008 Chotbul protest. (P) Dongwon Jo (pp. 92-102)

Medien der neuen Frauenbewegung im Archiv / Archiving feminist grassroots media. Brigitte Geiger and Margit Hauser (pp. 103-125)

Class and voice: challenges for grassroots community activists using media in 21st century Ireland. Margaret Gillan (pp. 126-148)

Articles: general

Patient-centred strategies to counter stigma, oppression and forced incarceration in the CSX and medical cannabis movements. (P) Philippe Lucas (pp. 149-167)

Crisis, movements, counter-hegemony: in search of the new. William K Carroll (pp. 168-198)

Towards a critique of anti-German “communism” (P) Raphael Schlembach (pp. 199-219)

Action / Teaching Notes

Comunicação: Indicadores históricos e culturais do Pina [Communication: the historical and cultural indicators of Pina, Brazil]. Cristina Guimarães Oliveira and Odalisca Moraes (pp. 220-224)

Extensão ou comunicação? O audiovisual como um instrumento facilitador da comunicação no assentamento do MST Olga Benário [Extension or communication? Audiovisual technologies as aids to communication in the Olga Benário MST settlement]. Lívia Moreira de Alcântara and Elder Gomes Barbosa (pp. 225-234)

The Bil’in model of wall resistance. Iyad Burnat (pp. 235-240)

Labour communications special

Alternative labour communication by computer after two decades. Peter Waterman (pp. 241-269)

Interviews on international labour communication

Eric Lee of LabourStart (pp. 270-272)

Dave Hollis of Netzwerk IT (pp. 273-275)

Key document

Декларация о политике, знании и искусстве / A declaration on politics, knowledge, and art.

Что делать? / What is to be done? (pp. 276-281)

Debate from issue 2/1

Colin Barker’s assumptions about Solidarnosc: not so much controversial as ahistorical?. Peter Waterman (pp. 282-284)

Response to Peter Waterman Colin Barker (pp. 285-287)

Advance piece for issue 3/1 (repression and social movements)

Policing and repression of anti-globalization protests and movements: a bibliography of English-language material Tomás Mac Sheoin (pp. 288-367)

Single PDF (EN)  (pp. 368-385)

Clifford Bob, The marketing of rebellion: insurgents, media and international activism. Tomás MacSheoin

John Charlton, Don’t you hear the H-Bomb’s thunder? Youth and politics on Tyneside in the late ‘fifties and early ‘sixties. Laurence Cox

Jo Reger, Daniel Myers and Rachel Einwohner (eds.), Identity work in social movements. Maite Tapia

Clemencia Rodriguez, Dorothy Kidd and Laura Stein (eds.), Making our media. Global initiatives towards a democratic public sphere. Stefania Milan

Call for papers volume 3 issue 2:

Feminism, women’s movements and women in movement (pp. 386-389)

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