Call For New Participants

Interface is basically an extended dialogue between people producing knowledge in, for or about social movements, whether they are working in movement or academic settings, or both. We are multi-lingual, and keen to develop the range of languages we can work with. In particular, we are looking for people who can referee articles in Chinese, Indonesian and Russian, though referees in other languages are always welcome.

We are a global project, and currently seeking to develop our African, East and Central European, North American, Portuguese-speaking, South Asian, Southeast Asian / Oceanian and Spanish-speaking Latin American  groups. We are also looking for people willing to help set up groups in Central Asia and East Asia.

There are two main levels of collaboration. Most people in the journal are in one of the different regional editorial groups, which means that they occasionally commission articles (ask somebody to write one), occasionally referee articles (look at articles written by someone else), and take part in discussions about what direction the journal should take.

Some people act as regional editors, which means that they try to bring new people into the editorial groups, oversee the editing process, and are part of the journal’s spokescouncil. As well as editors for Central Asia and East Asia, we are also looking for second editors for Spanish-speaking Latin America, East and Central Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia / Oceania.

If you think you might be interested in either kind of collaboration, please email the relevant regional editor.