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Interface: a journal for and about social movements is a forum bringing together activists from different movements and different countries, researchers working with movements, and engaged academics from different disciplines to contribute to the production of knowledge that can help us gain insights across movements and issues, across continents and cultures, and across political and disciplinary traditions: learning from each other’s struggles.

Interface is open-access (free), globally organised in different regional collectives and multi-lingual. We aim to develop analysis and knowledge that allow lessons to be learned from specific movement processes and experiences and translated into a form useful for other movements – hence our name. In doing so, our goal is to include material that can be used in a range of ways by movements – in terms of its content, its language, its purpose and its form. As a “practitioner journal”, the peer-reviewed elements of the journal are reviewed by one activist and one academic reviewer prior to publication.

Calls for papers

Call for papers, vol. 3 issue 1: repression and social movements (deadline for submissions November 2010)
Call for papers, vol. 2 issue 2: voices of dissent (closed: publication November 2010)
Call for papers, vol. 2 issue 1: crises, social movements and revolutionary transformations (published May 2010)
Call for papers, vol. 1 issue 2: civil society vs social movements (published October 2009)
Call for papers, vol. 1 issue 1: movement knowledge (published May 2009)


Volume 2 issue 1 (May 2010): Crises, social movements and revolutionary transformations
Volume 1 issue 2 (October 2009): Civil society vs social movements
Volume 1 issue 1 (May 2009): Movement knowledge

If you find Interface a useful site for dialogue and learning from each other, please think about contributing an article yourself!

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