Looking for translation help

Interface is intended to be a multilingual journal, a space for conversation between people using the world’s different languages. Up to the present we have published articles in English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We have brought out calls for papers, or translated elements of the website, into all of these languages as well as Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Romanian and Turkish. Beyond these languages again, we can accept articles for review in Afrikaans, Arabic, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French,  Hungarian, Maltese, Norwegian, Swedish and Zulu.

Obviously, all of this takes work – and to date we have only really managed any systematic translation of website elements into a couple of languages. We have very few translations even of the abstracts of articles. More importantly still, while English, Portuguese and Spanish are very much world languages, we are missing the capacity to work through other key world languages such as Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian. And this is not to say that other languages are not important too!

We are very much looking for trained and experienced translators who are able to offer volunteer translations into their native languages, whether on a once-off or a regular basis. Interface is an enjoyable project, and our own translation experience has always been interesting. If you are able to offer any help with this, please contact <laurence.cox AT nuim.ie>.

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