Looking for WordPress / IT Allies

Interface sets out to help movements learn from each other’s struggles and develop dialogues with each other across barriers of language, national culture, movement situation, intellectual tradition and more. It also sets out to use IT to overcome the barriers created by paying for knowledge, whether that is the cost of printing or the cost of subscribing to periodicals; and to develop a real dialogue within this space.

As you can probably see (if you’re reading this), we have a long way to go in this respect. We have good contributions, by authors from all around the world writing in different languages. But the site could definitely be improved in various ways. We are very much looking for IT activist allies who will help us to produce “really useful knowledge” through effective dialogue and good technical solutions.

Our most basic need is for WordPress assistance; we need a few people who can act as editors for specific languages (at present we have German, Italian and Portuguese editors) who can help add translations etc. and keep the site multilingual / develop its multilinguality. We also need a couple of general editors who can help manage the workings of the site as a whole.

Our general principle is to be as self-organising as possible, so we are using WordPress because we think this will be a reasonably easy tool for activists who are not very technically-minded to manage. We are open to suggestions for developing the site and doing things that will work better – particularly if they will make the process of producing Interface more accessible.

If you have ideas and can help, please email Alice Mattoni or Laurence Cox.

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